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In a Gentle Way You Can Change The World

Taking inspiration from 'Mahatama Gandhi', a leader should be persistent yet equanimous, fearless but at the same time compassionate, find their purpose but also practice active listening and collective action

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Lead by Example

Leadership isn't defined by designations/ organizational hierarchies. It is inculcated over time and proven with an on ground track record for the team to follow.

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Leadership in times of Crisis

Believing in oneself is difficult in trying times. But beyond that, a true leader is one who plans strategically with the right people, consistently puts in effort, adhers to a perpetual feedback loop, and motivates their team at every step of the way.

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7 Steps For Digital Hiring Using Recruitment Technology During Covid-19

Unprecedented events lead to innovation of the talent acquisition landscape. In recent times, digital recruitment has revolutionized how companies source, screen, assess, and onboard talent, thereby increasing the efficacy of resource utilization.

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