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Digital RPO for High Impact Hiring: Critical Insights and Strategies for Organizations

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By Taggd Editorial Team

May 31, 2023


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People Matters and Taggd recently conducted an exclusive session that dives deep into staying ahead of the curve when it comes to high-impact talent acquisition through Digital RPOs. 

Read exclusive insights from Taggd’s conversation with Mr. Gautam Kumar, CHRO- SKF Group.  Watch the full video here.

We had an insightful discussion with Mr. Gautam Kumar, CHRO and Director, People Experience, SKF Group — Industrial Region, ISEA. Gautam is a distinguished HR professional noted for his strategic acumen and proven capacity to drive exceptional results even in the most challenging global contexts.  

The session commenced with a crucial question — What are the top three hiring trends in the current talent acquisition landscape, and how are they transforming the idea of hiring talent?  

3 Top Hiring Trends

Gautam opined that the foremost trends in high-impact talent acquisition are improving the overall hiring experience, data-driven hiring, and diversifying talent. 

  • Hiring Experience: There is a clear emphasis on candidates, hiring managers, and organizational experiences. Personalization ensures a tailored experience for hiring managers, while digital RPO reduces cycle time and increases early fails with minimal business and HR intervention, enhanced by a robust governance mechanism.  
  • Data-driven Hiring: There is a shift to making decisions based on data-driven analytics rather than intuition. Data analytics provides valuable insights which talent acquisition leaders use to make informed decisions on hiring. 
  • Diverse Workplace: Organizations are looking to create diverse cultures through their talent acquisition processes.  

“SKF has seen a 15% increase in its diversity hiring rate due to access to a larger talent pool via advanced sourcing techniques and technology. Digital RPO grants recruiters an expansive network or job board that opens up a whole new array of potential candidates, creating a larger talent pool for recruitment professionals to browse.”  

Devashish Sharma, Founding Member & President– Taggd put his valuable thoughts on the same. He mentions that the recruitment world is clearly shifting towards proactive, collaborative, data-driven and highly efficient hiring solutions. There is an emphasis on providing recruiters with better forecasting capabilities and insights to help them manage market volatility.  

Additionally, the rise of disruptive technologies such as Chatbots and AI in the workplace calls for more agile approaches to fulfilling staffing demands. The recent Decoding Jobs 2023 report by Taggd highlighted the need for analytical and creative thinking skills as two of the most sought-after qualities in candidates.  

“44% of skills are going to be replaced by new sets of job roles.” 

Moreover, digital recruiting solutions must prioritize employer branding to ensure it resonates with their target demographic. Employers need to ensure they stay ahead of the curve and embrace new methods and technologies to remain competitive.  

The insightful discussion on the contributions of a digital RPO led us to ask what SKF’s vision was and how they decided to partner with a digital RPO like Taggd.  

Partnering with Taggd

Initially, SKF was on a sticky wicket with respect to organizational transformation. There was a constant need to be mindful of hiring costs due to the then-ongoing pandemic while there was also an exigent need of providing personalized brand experiences and taking tough decisions around internal and external talent.  

SKF recognized that talent was the fulcrum for change and transformation, and steps needed to be taken to nurture and grow the talent base. 

With that objective, SKF chose us due to our digital capabilities and proven track record in forecasting employee trends and hiring employees across all bands. The partnership between SKF and Taggd was successful, resulting in increased financials and people’s performance. The vision was to ensure talent could be leveraged as a multiplier for the business, and Taggd offered the support, capability, confidence, and integrity required to pursue this goal.  

“Taggd’s commitment and dedication to the organization have been infectious and transformed SKF as an organization.”, adds Gautam. 

How Has the Partnership With Taggd Helped SKF Stay Ahead of the Competition?

SKF needed multidimensional talent and worked closely with Taggd to ensure its realization. Taggd had an immense impact on the succession and talent pipeline, and helped SKF find the right person who could bring a niche competency to the table. 

Taggd also helped SKF achieve diversity in leadership and talent pool, hire multidimensional talent at three different levels rather than just one level, and assisted the company to build a strong employer perception with long-term employees.  

Summarizing the association, Gautam added; “Through this approach, we created a team of recruiters that know our business inside out. The partnership with a digital RPO like Taggd has helped us stay ahead of the curve while maintaining focus on the basics.” 

Do Digital RPOs Guarantee Better Results?

Taggd has a digitally advanced platform managed by professionals with experience in facilitating multinational and global talent-hiring from India. Success as a digital RPO requires implementing innovative strategies with a healthy combination of tech and human inputs, something in which Taggd has ample experience.  

Gautam Kumar puts forth an appropriate analogy to describe the situation about performance assurance from a digital RPO: “It is like driving a car – you cannot see beyond the next kilometer until you reach it, which is why our approach to partnership is agile – taking it one inch at a time and striving to exceed expectations with each step.” 

SKF and Taggd’s partnership is a great example of how digital RPO can be leveraged for success. Thanks to Taggd’s cutting-edge digital tools and insight into industry trends, SKF was able to upgrade their talent acquisition practices — a testament to Taggd’s sincere commitment to bringing a change in talent acquisition and making a mark as a leading digital RPO.  

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By Devashish Sharma