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How Can Recruitment Process Outsourcing Help in High Impact Hiring Driven by Data

High impact hiring
By Taggd Editorial Team

May 19, 2023


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Data is a vital aspect of decision-making in almost every business function, and recruitment is no exception. The hiring process has become increasingly complex due to evolving talent needs and competition for sourcing talent for niche roles. Lack of data-driven recruitment has the inherent fault of increasing the possibilities of poor quality of hires, low employee productivity, high attrition, and ultimately low ROI on hiring.

Access to reliable data gives recruiters the insights for identifying suitable candidates effectively. According to a LinkedIn survey, 73% of talent acquisitions leaders acknowledge that data-backed decisions are crucial to remain competitive in their hiring processes.

By leveraging data as a recruitment process outsourcing platform, Taggd helps businesses experience a positive transformation in sourcing talent, developing productive teams, and achieving high-impact hiring goals more seamlessly. Here are some ways an RPO can help companies through data-driven recruitment.

Strategic Talent Sourcing

Past recruitment strategies may no longer be effective due to the large number of available positions and the difficulty in finding qualified candidates for niche roles. Sourcing the right people for your business demands an informed and strategic approach.

Taggd’s data-driven recruitment enables companies to identify candidates by evaluating their skills and qualifications through the AI-powered Taggd Score (t. score) model. This powerful tool rapidly assesses thousands of candidate profiles, effectively streamlining recruitment.

Reduced TTF and Recruitment Costs

Taggd’s candidate-enriched profiles provide companies with unparalleled insight into the talent pool, enabling them to identify and engage with top candidates efficiently. Our platform gathers extensive information on each candidate, such as their skills, work history, and preferred job profile, providing companies with ready access to multiple data points. This significantly helps in reducing the time-to-fill job vacancies and in lowering hiring costs, consequently freeing up resources that companies can direct towards other core business operations.

For instance, Taggd’s data-driven RPO solutions enabled a multinational chemical company to fulfill its high-impact hiring goals by reducing the time to fill by a staggering 37.5% within a span of a few weeks.

Helps Align Workplace With Candidate Expectations

Employers need to proactively understand the needs and expectations of their employees, as employee-employer dynamics have changed in recent times. Nowadays, employees have more choices regarding where they want to work, compelling organizations to create a workplace that resonates with their expectations.

As RPO recruiters, Taggd understands the critical role that employee feedback plays in successful recruitment practices. Our regular industry interactions and comprehensive annual surveys allow us to gain valuable insights into employee needs and expectations from close quarters. This helps us provide customized recruitment process solutions to ensure a positive experience for candidates.

By offering a smoother and more digitized recruitment experience based on employee insights gathered across several industries, we foster greater satisfaction among the workforce and enhance the company’s brand value. In a recent collaboration with a healthcare organization, we achieved an impressive 62% candidate satisfaction rate by designing an agile recruitment process centered around the current employee preferences.

Improved DE&I Initiatives

Improving the DE&I quotient is a priority of every company, and utilizing data-driven insights and analytics is critical to achieve, more so to drive high-impact hiring. The use of data can help in identifying bias in the recruitment process, identifying underrepresented talent pool using candidate demographics, and creating unbiased job descriptions.

Learn How Taggd Help a Pharma Co Improve its Hiring Diversity by 48%

At Taggd, we are dedicated to delivering a hiring process that emphasizes equity, diversity, and inclusivity. Our RPO services and solutions source and evaluate candidates by rigorously using data regarding their skills, qualifications, and suitability for a role without any prejudice. We understand that unintentional biases may impact the recruitment process and take steps to prevent them, guaranteeing fairness.

Partner with Taggd to achieve an agile recruitment process for your company.

By Vishal Bhardwaj

Chief Digital Transformation