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Pharmaceuticals Sectoral Report 2021

The pharmaceutical and healthcare sector has turned into a ‘superhero’ sector that has been pulling us through the current crisis, not just by making India self-reliant but also by becoming a reliable global player. The impact of pandemics on this sector’s employment has been largely positive and is projected to grow faster in the coming months.

To help you identify key trends in hiring in the sector, we surveyed hundreds of Business and Talent leaders through primary surveys and exhaustive conversations. Download the Decoding Jobs Sectoral Report to learn more about the jobs and hiring landscape for 2021.

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Did you know

The Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industry is expected to add nearly 210,000 new hires in 2021, up from 170,000 jobs added in 2020?

Sneak Peak

Pharma sector’s hiring intent: 46% Positive

Businesses are moving from task orientation to digital learning. Upskilling & Reskilling is need of the hour, talent & employers will need to keep pace with a very fast-changing world. New roles are emerging especially in R&D and technology integrations are expected to be in high demand.

Top skills in demand

  • Digital Selling

  • Analytics

  • Digital Transformation

  • Clinical Research -R&D

Leaders Speak

Farhat Umar

President - Global Human Resources

Digital Dexterity, agility and resilience are key for talent to stay relevant in the current scenario. We are seeing new roles opening in the technology domain. In the coming years we will be looking for talent to fill these tech and semi tech roles across manufacturing shop floors, R&D as well as marketing teams.


Tulika Joshi

GM- Corporate Human Resources

We are expecting a significant needle movement in tech roles. The other area where we are expecting a lot of numbers coming through is the planning and scheduling function. But with pandemic, it’s important to have the right skill set and the right number of people to meet the production demand.


Key Contributors

Prashant Bhatnagar

Director Human Resources

Abhishek Dasgupta

Head of Experienced Hire Recruiting

Arghya Sen

CHRO - Global Service & Technology Centers

Sangeetha Gera

Head TA

Priyanca Choudhary

Head TA

Ramesh S Kumar

Head HR - Wells Fargo India

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