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Building a High-Performance Workforce For India’s Leading EV Manufacturer

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By Taggd Editorial Team

March 17, 2023


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The EV segment has gathered a lot of steam recently due to a massive government push and rising demand for clean-fuel vehicles.

According to the hiring trends in India 2023, the skill set required for the EV industry is more tech-centric as compared to the conventional automobile industry. The talent pool is limited vis-a-vis the supply due to the nascent stage of the industry, and hiring employees for EV makers is particularly challenging due to the unavailability of rich hiring data and other knowledge metrics.

At Taggd, we demonstrated how hiring talent across all bands in the EV industry can be successfully fulfilled within a short TAT with a customized multi-tier hiring approach.

The Client’ Ask

The EV industry has seen a massive increase in the number of players within a short time frame. To maintain its industry leadership and fuel its next phase of growth, our client– one of India’s leading EV car manufacturers, wanted to aggressively ramp up its workforce.

The mandate was to hire talent across all levels- junior operations, senior managerial positions, as well as departmental heads.

Here’s a summary of the client’s key expectations from us:

  • Onboard 300 employees within 6 months with different technical skill sets and varying experience from across India– 70% for operations (3-5 years’ experience), 25% for senior managerial positions (6-10 years’ experience), and 5% for various department heads (12+ years’ experience).
  • 70% of the hiring volume was to be fulfilled within the first 100 days. This included filling urgent openings across core operational and managerial roles.
  • The client also wanted us to do a detailed analysis of the prevailing hiring situation and present a compensation survey report that would serve as a benchmark for structuring job offers.


Here are the key challenges that we faced while hiring for this client:

  • Limited talent pool: The skill sets required in the EV industry are more tech-centric and advanced– full stack, charging technologies, 3D modeling, cloud computing, IoT engineering, etc. The demand-supply ratio for such talent is severely skewed, and finding the right talent with relevant work experience was an initial hurdle.
  • Market cannibalization: Due to the massive overlap of talent in the tech, and non-tech industries like EV, healthcare, and other manufacturing sectors– we faced stiff competition from several other indirect competitors to hire quality talent.
  • High dropouts: The limited supply tilted the scale in favor of skilled candidates, and it proved to be a major task to keep the candidates engaged and not jump ship during the recruitment period.

The Hiring Process

Our team analyzed the on-ground situation and decided to split the entire hiring cycle with emphasis on client engagement and swift TTF. Here are some highlights of the hiring process we implemented for the client:

  • We implemented a three-phase hiring process to ensure the most crucial job positions are filled first so as to give a strong head start to the client’s hiring goals.
  • To address the severe talent crunch, we activated all our candidate sourcing channels– starting with our 100,000+ active candidate database, external sources that included seasoned tech recruiters with rich EV domain experience, and also publicized job openings on our online job community- Career Circles.
  • Presented a detailed survey report that helped the client make data-backed hiring decisions
  • Our focus remained to ensure proactive engagement and communication with candidates through every step of the hiring process, which helped us enhance the candidate experience.

Successful Outcomes

Executing a detailed recruitment strategy backed by in-depth research helped us successfully meet the client’s hiring objectives as per the predetermined SLAs.

With focus on proactive candidate engagement and improving process efficiencies, we were able to provide an enriching candidate experience that helped reduce the drop-out rates to 25-30%.

Moreover, our research helped the client offer competitive salary packages that saw an inflow of high-quality candidates. Ever since our engagement, the client has witnessed a 2x increase in average hiring numbers, and a reduced time to fill of 31-32 days.

These are key, but just some points of the hiring solution we implemented for our client. To read the detailed case study, click here.

You can also visit us at Taggd or drop a line at to know more about how we can help you fulfill your recruitment goals!

By Vishal Bhardwaj

Chief Digital Transformation