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Rajesh Batra

Group Chief Financial Officer, PeopleStrong & Taggd

An astute Chartered Accountant, he is responsible for overall finance function at PeopleStrong globally and Taggd and keeps financial controls and compliances in line with the organisational strategy. Rajesh is also responsible for Investors relations and maintains systems of internal controls to safeguard the financial interests.

During his tenure at PeopleStrong, he has played a key role in developing, monitoring and evaluating the overall corporate strategy with the Executive Management Team, emphasizing on bottom line performance, working capital and enhancing shareholder value. He has spearheaded various strategic activities at PeopleStrong like fund raising, investment management, business finance, contracting, commercials and litigation. Rajesh has been a strong proponent of Corporate Governance Practices and works closely with the Board. In his previous role with the Withya group, he has seen successful transitions of several start-ups in the Withya incubator.

Member of ICAI, New Delhi, Rajesh specializes in Financial Reporting, Budgetary controls, Governance and Taxation. In Leisure, Rajesh enjoys playing badminton with his wife and two daughters and resides in Gurgaon.

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